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55% Email Attributed Revenue

Pretty Neat Creative


Arts and Crafts

About the Brand

Pretty Neat Creative, a standout in the crafting industry, offers innovative Diamond Painting kits globally. It's celebrated for high-quality products, trendsetting designs, and dedicated customer service. The brand's strong market presence is bolstered by a thriving online community, connecting craft enthusiasts worldwide.

The Challenge


Crafting appeals to a diverse range of demographics:

  • Skill Levels: Beginners vs experienced crafters.
  • Different age groups: 10+/ 25+/40+/ 60+.
  • Global reach and localization.


Different content for different groups of audiences.


Crafting appeals to a diverse range of demographics:

The Solution


Browsing behaviors

Signup form




Skill levels

Age group



7 email flows

3 email campaigns per week.

The Results

55% Email Attributed Revenue

What we do to get this result?

I. Problem Discovery

1. Audit existing email marketing system

2. Understand Client’s Business

  • Business Model and Products/Services
  • Target Audience: customers’ demographics, psychographics, and buying behaviors.
  • Current Marketing Strategies: Review existing marketing efforts, channels used, and their effectiveness.
  • Email Marketing History: Analyze past email campaigns, including design, content, frequency, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  • Customer Feedback and Reviews: Look into customer feedback, reviews, and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction and common pain points.
  • Competitor: Research competitors' email marketing strategies and performance for benchmarking.
  • Tools: used for email marketing and related ones.
  • Expectations in email marketing.

II. Strategy Design: Resolve the Problem

1. Collect audience’s data

  • Apply on-site quizzes to track the audience’s skill level and interests on diamond painting
  • Crafting appeals to a diverse range of demographics:

    • Ads sources
    • Exit intent
    • Abandoned cart
  • Let existing subscribers update their preferences

2. Build detailed segmentations based on collected data

  • Skill levels:

    • Starter: 0 diamond paiting done.
    • Imtermediate: 1-10 diamond paintings done.
    • Expert: 10+ diamond painting done.
  • Age group: 10+/ 25+ / 40+ / 60+
  • Location: US and Non-US

3. Set up 7 email flows: pre-purchase, post-purchase, and advanced.


a. Collect email subscribers:

  • Opt-in and list growth strategy should be regarded as one of the most important strategies. This step is the foundation for a successful email marketing journey. In addition to collecting emails from customers who have placed orders or abandoned their checkout, we will take all avenues to expand our email list:

    • Popup form: offer 15% OFF as an incentive.
    • Newsletter subscription (footer): 15% OFF.
    • Monthly giveaways
    • Seasonal games: engage customers with festive games to collect emails.
    • Etc… Implement email collection across all feasible touchpoints.
  • Customize the form content for each traffic source: Facebook Ads/ Instagram Bio/ FB Community/ Google

b. Implementation

  • Engage new subscribers with an automated email sequence in 4 weeks, focusing on educating and converting them into customers.
  • Customize welcome emails based on different subscription sources.


  • For customers who have started checkout but haven't completed it yet.
  • 4 emails over 2 days, increasing promotions over time.


  • For subscribers who have viewed products but haven't added them to the cart.
  • 3 emails run over 2 days, with discounts of 0%, 10%, and 15% offered sequentially.


  • For customers who have made a purchase:

    • First-time customers: 10 emails run over 20 days, sharing tips, tricks, and usage instructions focused on specific products.
    • Returning customers: 1 email only


  • For customers who have exceeded their Buying Cycle Time but haven't made a purchase yet.
  • 2 emails over 7 days, with the second email offering an exclusive 20-30% discount to win these customers back.


  • 2 emails, 1 sent 10 days before customer’s birthday and 1 sent on their birthday.
  • Offer a generous 30% OFF birthday gift.


  • 2 emails, requesting reviews from customers 45 days after their order.
  • If customers submit a video review, brand offers a $35 Coupon as a token of appreciation.

4. Lists and Segmentations

  • Based on customer and product data, we will create the following segments:

    • Customers active in the last 30 days (60 days, 90 days, 120 days)
    • Customers who ordered at least 1 AND active in the last 30 days (60 days, 90 days, 120 days)
    • VIP Customers ordered at least 2 OR spent at least $100
    • Customers interested in [X] products (X lần lượt đến hết collection)
    • Customers clicked [New Arrivals/ Bestsellers/ How-to
    • Customers interested in [idea] (Dog, Cat, Love, Friendship…)
    • Customers interested in [product] (T-shirts, Mug, Canvas… )

5. Email Campaigns (Email Broadcast)

a. Email sending frequency: based on customer preferences for the number of emails they want to get:

  • 3-5 emails/week
  • 4 emails/month
  • 1 email/ month

b. Content Strategy:
With an old customer demographic, we focus on sending educative information that resonates with their interests, such as tips and tricks, user guides, and other relevant information (with data gathered from monthly and quarterly surveys). Our main goal is building trust with these customers before focusing on sales.

  • Tips, tricks about the products.
  • Pain points & resolution
  • New arrivals
  • Trending
  • Bestsellers
  • Top wishlist

For example, here are some tips and tricks for the product canvas prints:

  • How to frame and hang your canvas with foam board?
  • How to get rid of wrinkles on canvas?
  • How many types of canvas?
  • Top 5 canvases for her (him).
  • 10 ways to frame your canvas.

A great thing about doing email marketing for Pretty Neat Creative is: some customers email us saying: “I haven't seen your emails in a while. Could you put me back on the list? Your emails are very helpful.”

c. Bonus:

  • We include engaging, open-ended questions to get our customers’ replies, which increases the rate of our next emails landing in the main inbox.
  • AB Test: We rigorously test every element in our emails from subject lines to promotional offers and CTA to know which parts get the most clicks, what customers like, and work out a winning formula for this store.

III. Delivering The Solution

1. Getting Started with Klaviyo: Foundation for Growth

2. Building Lists and Segments

3. Designing Email that Convert

4. Creating First Automated Flows and Email Campaigns

5. Creating Advanced Flows

6. Optimizing

IV. Following Up

Review the AB test results to optimize our email flows and campaigns monthly and quarterly to find the winning formula for our email marketing strategy.


55% Email Attributed Revenue

Want to get results like these for your brand?